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Monday, June 14, 2010

Life in Spandex

This posting is going to be like a melting pot of topics.  First let me start with Shaun Wahl and spandex.  I was innocently riding my bike down Coleman blvd and heard my name being shouted.  I should have known.  Shaun was dressed in what looked like a unitard ( later I saw that it was a 2 piece).  He is a road biker. I do not want to offend any one on here, but I think road biking apparel is HILARIOUS.  All spandex.  I die laughing every time I try to think of myself in one of those numbers.. Shaun blew a tire and fixed it on the spot with his handy dandy tools.  Impressive.  There is even a road biker community.  Should I join?  Nah....

Last week was the "Fishin for a Mission" fishing tournament.  My friends Rosalind and Shawn joined my for a day of serious fishing-not.  It was so fun. It was like the Griswalds, but in a boat.  I had so much fun.  We didn't win, but we didn't get skunked either...I even caught a few trees....and some hell from the peanut gallery...Next year we are taking the first place trophy.  (Below is a pic of Ros with her redfish) 
I got to go to Pawley's last week also.  Every year I get to join the Wags for an awesome 2 week vacay.  However this is my first summer with a big girl job so I was only able to go for half the time this year..tear. This year was different because Mary Margaret Angel Baby Princess joined us!!  We had our annual photo shoot on Saturday night...No tears this time...see below
5 days.  5 days until Betty Bridesmaid is in the game.  I can't believe the time is upon us.  I feel like I have been prepping for ages...I picked up my dress last week and made a shoe purchase.  Big steps for ol betty.  I will expand on this more as the week unfolds.
Yours truly,
Betty B

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