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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Life's a Beach

Yes. I am writing to you on location. I am on a little vacay at Pawley's Island. Sorry for the delay in posting. Life got a little crazy last week since my last Betty B "incident." I have a minor Betty update to report. So last week was the unfortunate alteration jaunt. This past Saturday I had to go back for a "trial" fitting. As you know I wasn't very thrilled. As I pulled up to my loading zone spot on King St. I could feel the anxiety rising up. I slowly made my descent to the shop...As I opened the door there he was again. The shop boy. Sitting there. He was reading "Emma." No comment. With out any help I made my way back to the changing room. She basically threw me back there and told me to put the ol dress on. Thank God it fit!!! I stood there just staring. This doesn't happen very often considering I never look in the mirror. So the mission was a success. We even ordered shoes. Halleluja.

Lets move on. I house sat the Carmody's this weekend. Gloriousness. Then on Sunday some of me and my ol buds piled into the boat and headed to the Yacht Club to eat some supper. It was so good to be on the water. We stayed in the boat till 10. For memorial day I spent the day at the 7410 Club (Carmody's dock). Also on Sunday, Lizzie (Eliza's 1st true love), had little baby puppies. Now normally being present on the birthing would freak me out to the max, however it was really sweet. I actually only saw 1 of the 7 pop out. Needless to say I probably don't need to see it again. I miss you all...

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