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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cyber Love? I hope not...

Wow.  There are a lot of things running through this little head today. Before I start, let me take you back to last night.  I hate even writing this on here, but I feel i must...So I was with my usual crowd of Caroline and Becca. We were doing our weekly therapizing session.  In comes Mrs. Wagner.  We were just going around the usual circle with talk of boys, weddings and what not.  These are our big topics of the summer.  So we start talking about boys and all of a sudden the once sweet and innocent Becca puts it out there that I need to join E-harmony or  I immediately feel waves of panic about to knock me over...I couldn't wait to hear what Caroline or Lee Ann would have to say to defend me.  Boy was I wrong.  They got all giddy and excited. Talking about making me a profile... I immediately shut down.  Hell on earth.  Probably one of my worst nightmares.  I think I am going to try an hold out for a real life/natural love story(Somewhat like the Notebook....).  No internet needed. Hopefully...So bottom line-If you see an online dating profile with my name/face on it-it's not me.  It's those sneaky lil match makers....

Moving on.  It is now Wednesday.  The big day is Saturday.  Yesterday mild panic set in.  I was giving the Wagner girls the play by play of the wedding weekend.  While talking I started to get nervous.  They kept asking me about hair, makeup and accessories.  I am 0 for 3 in that department....What the heck will I do with my hair? No idea.  I hardly even brush it....Plus now I may need some type of clip thing to hold it in place.....This is a bad situation...Makeup? Nope.  Accessories?  Like jewelry?  I'm getting overwhelmed as we speak....How do I tie my sash? No idea.  Maybe I should try my shoes on? Good idea...What if I start sweating really bad?  Will people be able to see it?  I am definitely going to sweat.  If I straighten my hair I know it will frizz to the extreme once I set foot outside.  What if I cry the whole time?  Or worse-what if I laugh the whole time?  Or I could possibly pass out. I could potentially trip in the middle of my aisle walking.

These are just a few little things I have been pondering this week....

Trying not to get grey hair,
Betty Bridesmaid


  1. Make sure you go outside with your fancy new shoes and scuff the bottoms up on the asphalt so you don't slip as you walk down the aisle.

  2. Sassafrass, I get in town tomorrow afternoon and we are going to play dress up and I'll tell you secret fashion things....yes? Yes. Also, I made my friend who had a terrible bf sign up for and it was fun at first but then not so much. That said, about 20% of my clients met that way. Go figure.