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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Betty makes her debut

Team Wedding.  We dominated.  For those that don't know, we had a rather awesome wedding this weekend.  Somehow in the middle of wedding festivities all of the bridesmaids became Team Wedding. I don't know if I can fully describe my thoughts on this past weekend's festivities.  As you know I was a bit nervous/paranoid/anxious about the Arthur Wedding.  I have to say that it definitely exceeded my expectations. And I didn't cause a scene...Thank God.   Here comes the play by play:

First let me start by telling you my favorite things about the whole weekend.  It wasn't the ceremony or the reception or the rehearsal.  Nope.  It was the Schweers/Carter family.  I can't begin to tell you how awesome they are.  I always knew they were cool, but this weekend was stellar because of them. I love all of them.  Seriously.  Super cool.   Gold Medal goes to RuRu (Mary Catherine's grandmother).   We got to sit together at the bridesmaid's luncheon.  Since Mary Catherine is moving I am trying to get RuRu to adopt me as the oldest grandchild...If you don't know the Schweers/Carters then I am sorry.  You are missing out.

Let me start with the rehearsal.  It was my first time officially going down the aisle (Hope it's not the last...hahah).  After we practiced we made our way down to the Harbor Club for dinner.  It was very nice.  MCC and Rob introduced the bridal party to everyone and-surprise it made me cry....Sorry I was a bit sentimental.  Then we got a turn to make a speech. You know I can't refuse and opportunity to get up and make a toast...Since you weren't there I will leave you with my opening words:  "Well those of you that don't know me and especially those that do, you know hell hath frozen over.  Yes.  I am wearing a dress and a big flower in my hair....."  The rest was history.  Then later on at the bar...I got a bad reputation...It was a misunderstanding....

Saturday we had the bridesmaid's luncheon at the Post House.  Very nice.  MC gave us sweet grass baskets and a cool broach that we wore on our dresses.

Then I went home to mentally prepare.  We all met at RuRu's to take pics and get on the trolley.  It was surreal.  The whole time I couldn't believe little MC was getting married.  We got to the church about 10 min before it was go time.  One of my favorite parts was lining up outside of the church.  I felt so special to be a part of it.  I decided to go sans my glasses for the ceremony, but I put them in my dress just in case.  Soon the doors opened and it was show time.  Oddly enough I was ready.  All the months of worrying seemed to fly out the door.  Plus I have to say I felt pretty good.  I had some good stylists to get me ready.  I made my way down the aisle and it was awesome.  It is such a cool feeling to be a part of something so special and to see your best friend get married.  Wouldn't trade it for the world.  Let me add that dearest Logan almost went down during the ceremony.  Poor girl's blood sugar dropped and we almost had a code red.  She was in front of me so I had a great view.. Her breathing became deeper and she started to wobble. I was ready to catch her if she went down.  Luckily her groomsman held on to her....

On to the reception.  It went by so so fast.  We got introduced, which was fun bc sweet Tyler was my groomsman.  I think I only left the dance floor twice-to hydrate.  Plus all of the Charleston Chicks were there!  Best dance partner award goes to Clay Carter.  Favorite dance partner ever.  Not gonna lie, we were probably the best ones out there.  I had so much fun.  If you know the wedding version of Sarah then you know I like to dance it up.  I even slapped the floor.  (That was for you Megan..)  So soon enough it was time for sweet MC to head out.  It was so sad.  The happy kind of sad.  She drove off into the night.  She left us to live with a boy...

All in all.  AWESOME weekend.  So that's notch #1 on Betty Bridesmaid's belt.  Now it's time to begin training for Megan's wedding.  Only 4 months away...

Until next time,
Your favorite over dramatic bridesmaid,
Betty Bridesmaid

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