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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Confessions of a shopaholic wannabe

Shopping.  I have never been a fan unless it involved guns, fishing, hunting etc..  Until lately.  On stressful days I find myself perusing the Internet high way.  Sometimes just looking.  Sometimes I am dumping stuff in my online cart.  I let it sit there for days and then if I still have the urge, I pull that trigger.  It gives me some type of amazing satisfaction.  I'm sure that's how drugs work, but shopping is probably a better way to go.  Or, I could liken shopping to mimosas.  When you get a good mimosa going- there is just no better thing(Sometimes day drinking just does the trick).  I have been feeling the same way with shopping. (You probably think hell hath frozen over).  Today, on my lunch break I scooted downtown.  I had some errands to run on King St so I figured I would try my hand at actual live shopping.  It was beautiful out.  I was with a friend.  And it was fun.  Our time was limited, so I think that helped.  Mimosas would have made it even better, but I try to limit those to special occasions..

I got to make a special stop today too for a little bday surprise.  Just adding to my prissiness.  We are now at about 12% prissy, but on the rise...  So excited.  So here I am to say- I am giving shopping a second chance.. 

the fashionista.

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