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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Well put

"God’s love takes us on journeys we do not wish to go, by roads we do not want to travel, to take us to places we do not want to leave." ~ Ashley Null

I stole this from my boy Steve Wood's FB page.  Going to be bold here and say that is the truth.  Almost every learning experience I have had as of late has been unwanted, unplanned, less than pleasant and a little scary.  But, the oddest part is that I wouldn't call a redo.  (I can't believe I'm saying that..)  I've learned a lot. More than I even know.  I have been learning a shiz ton about grace, truth and time.  And how they all work together.  (I happen to be co leading a study on it... so I have actually tried to apply it to myself and it has been a little harder than I once perceived).  But, it's real.  We need grace.  We need truth.  And time is a must.  Transformation isn't even a possibility unless it is powered by grace.  Truth (my least favorite) is necessary and basically gives us some direction.. And time.  It makes it happen.  You can't rush it.  We need it.  They all work together when you let them.  Are you a grace person? (If we hang a lot then you most likely are) Or are you more truth? (We probably don't see as much of each other.. but I'm working on it)  I think it would be cool to end up being a good mix of both.  How's that?  Good. That's what I'm shooting for.  That's all I've got for today.

Bring on the fall.  Get er done.

Get down on it,

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