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Friday, August 31, 2012

The madres

Every Friday I get to meet with a purdy cool lil amoeba of ladies.  I like to call them "The Mom Friends.".  Hope that's not offensive.  We meet bright and early (They have probably been up for hours) on Friday mornings.  I remember when Lisa (the Dr. mom friend) asked me to join.  I was rather perplexed when she asked me.  Several reasons here.  1- the obvious.  I'm 26.  Single.  No blood related ninos.  I was a little nervous due to the fact that I have significantly less life experience.  And that I haven't delivered any offspring.  2-they are smart.  I mean , they are.  No explanation needed.  I kinda feel smart after hanging with them.  It's a contagious thing.  3- Spiritually, I am like a little tadpole and I would have to say that they are more like a big tarpon... Sorry, bad analogy, but you can smell what I'm stepping in.  4- this was the most random group that I ever could have imagined.  Apparently they go back. I didn't know that.  I have just been laughing to myself because I probably would have never stumbled upon this pile of good Ole girls on my own.  I was thinking about that this morning.  When we were sitting there, talking about our selves and just being real, I kept thinking how cool it is that we are all really different, yet we can relate to the same situation.  Yeah, I work full time and volunteer to too many things and have no free time.  They have a zillion kidlets, volunteer, etc and have no time. (Plus they have to deal with a husband).  I just think its really cool that we can all bond, and share and talk about stuff.  I've always felt myself in that little time.  Plus, its always fun to hang out with people that you don't normally see.  They are all really cool in there own ways too.  I mean, I hope if I ever have to be a mom that I am like them.  They are really intentional about their kids and I think that's really cool.  (Now I have lots of cool mom friends and a cool mom, so nobody out there take offense.  I love you all 100%. At the same time:)  So, here's to the Mom Friends.  You the bomb.

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