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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Nose Job

Today Emily and I went on a fly fishing float trip.  We were both a little nervous, but really excited. I have just started learning to fly fish so I was pretty pumped.  We got out on the water early with our guide, Trip.  We were to float 13 miles on the Snake River in his drift boat.
It was truly gorgeous out there on the river today
We sure learned a lot.  Trip made us an awesome river side lunch and gave us some more fishing knowledge  So we headed down river.  A few hours later we hooked a few fish.  I actually landed a big trout and when I picked it up for my photo op- I dropped the damn thing right over the side of the boat. I was then pissed.  Then came my nose job.  We were fishing the right bank.  Just as I was about to cast something popped my in the face.  It just so happened to be a fly.  That just so happened to be attached to Emily's (my trusty travel buddy) rod.  It took me a moment to realize that I was hooked in the face.  Then I realized it was stuck in my nose.  Classy.  Then I saw blood.  Some minor antic set in, but I tried to keep my cool.  I was dreading going to the hospital.
Trip banked us and immediately got out his surgical equipment.  He then said, "we can head to the hospital or I can rip it right out and we can keep fishing."  I pondered a moment and went with the rip out option....  I even surprised my self on that one.  So he ripped it out.  Ouch.
After a moment, we headed on down the river.  Where we hooked some more trout.  
All in all, I'd  say it was a good day.  I sure learned a ton and added another unique injury to my summer.  Tomorrow we head north to Whitefish, Montana.  Adios.

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