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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Heavy on the Veggie?

Disclaimer: Claire, I am not writing this post to try and get free stuff.  However, who doesn't want,need, love somewhat like free stuff.  I am writing this post because you are beating me into submission teaching me a lot.

So, my friend, Claire, has a blog.  It's called Heavy on the Veggie.  You can have your world rocked learn all about it HERE.  Home girl knows what she's talking about.  I have already learned so much.  Keep in mind, I am a beginner.  Baby steps I tell her.  I'm more heavy on the veggie with a dollop of meat.  I've been reading veggie literature, listening to her advice and she's even gone to the store with me.  It's actually quite fun.  Once you realize that you are breaking up with your favorite bacon cheeseburger, fries and your favorite big gulp beer, its all rainbows and butterflies...  It's a process.  No need to go cold turkey right here and now.  Here deal- is not some big diet.  It's your life.  You want to be leaner?  Eat greenerI'm about to trademark that shiz.  Now, I'm just beginning, but it's been very educational.  I have to text her questions almost on a daily basis.  She's so lucky:)  It's a tough transition to go from 100% carnivore to plant lover.  I'd be pretty happy with 75% plants and 20% meat and maybe 5% good beer...  I know- beer is going to have to love me and leave me, but I'm just not ready yet.  We have already moved mountains here. I no longer get my beloved Godfather sandwich at Mozzo.  Nope.  I go with a girly fusion or salad.  Hold the phones.  The Mozzo people seriously don't know what to do with themselves.  Now every time I'm anywhere there's food, I am constantly weighing the pros and cons.  I had no idea how many veggies we were supposed to get everyday.  I only ate them if they came on a sandwich or if they were sweet potato fries...  Don't judge... She also does restaurant reviews.  I like this part because she usually reviews a place that I either have never heard of or was too scared to go to.  Some of them are intimidating little places.  Now I know what to expect.  You can also find some recipes on there.   Thanks to HOTV I can now make a smoothie.  Like I said, baby steps.  What's even better is that I am 20% scared of Claire (even though I could totes taker her down:), so I try even harder.  So I thought I would throw it out there.  It's 2k12, and I am going for it.  Heavy on the Veggie here I come.  Slowly, but surely....   Who's in???

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  1. So my bacon cheeseburger fries and beer last night were not on this plan? Hmmmmm....mandy