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Monday, August 27, 2012

Kiss the purple ring

On Saturday, my neighbor, friend and pastor was named the new bishop of the Carolina's in the Anglican Church.  That's about as much as I know in that department.  I was excited because our worship team was singing in the choir and so on.  I really didn't realize just how big of a deal it was. Until go time. 

It is really hard to put into words how cool this situation was.  Being in the choir- we got to be up front, so we could look at all of the congregation.  Especially the Woods and all of the bishops.  From the get go I was emotional.  I've never heard Dwight and team sing so beautifully.  To see the bishops proceed in to the ministry center, in all of their robes was incredible.  Two by two they bowed toward the alter.  To see the Arch bishop and all of the bishop's wives was so cool.  Its just really cool to see something that has been talked about and talked about become real.  Basically, the Anglican church was sitting in Mt. Pleasant on Saturday and we got to witness it.  To see a vision become real is incredible.  To see clergy come from all over (Uganda) was so exciting.  It was really a historical day for the Anglican Church and for St. Andrews.  To be able to watch the Bishops pray for Steve was so cool.  Then to see the Bishop's wives pray over Jacqui was awesome.  To see the Wood boys sitting together and loving on their mom and dad was very sweet.  The sermon was one of the best that I've heard.  So cool to see our pastor be charged and encouraged.  Then when he was named Bishop- the whole church gave a standing ovation and it was very moving (at least for me).  At that moment I realized that I am so thankful to call St. Andrews my home.  I've never been more at peace.  I am so excited to be a part of it.  So if you see Steve the bish, go kiss his purple ring.  He loves when people do that....

Oh and if anyone is wondering..
Tim Riggins

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  1. can i take some credit for reminding you how much you love fnl?