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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Your average Saturday morning convo..

 me:  want to know a secret
 Logan:  random.
every second
you know i love to guess secrets
does it have to do with you
you are pregnant
 me:  nevermind
i though u were going to be prophetic
 Logan:  wait
 me:  clearly u r off
 Logan:  does it have to do with you
or someone else
 me:  ts about me
 Logan:  you applied to school
 me:  no
 Logan:  you recorded an album
you are preaching a sermon at st. andrews
tell me
 me:  hahah
i am actualy speaking on sunday
but i secretly like your bridesmaid dress
 Logan:  really?
 me:  it needs a small alteration so i am about to go down to the dreaded place
dont tell anyone i like it
 Logan:  thank you for telling me that. i am really glad.
i won't
 me:  i have a rep to protect
 Logan:  i know
can we clarify what that rep is?
 me:  hahaha
 Logan:  the "I'm a good friend and bridesmaid but secretly a badass and hate the ugly dresses" rep?
 me:  yes
well put
 Logan:  got it
 Sent at 10:04 AM on Saturday
 me:  Im glad we had this talk
 Logan:  :) me too

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