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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ha Ha

I just read an entire book.  I am listening to really good music.  And the girl palace is empty.  So I have had some good alone time today.  This is me at my most introverted state.  But, it's got me thinking.  I've been thinking a lot about my grandmother.  Her name was Harriet, but we called her HaHa.  She was awesome.  Seriously.  Really awesome.  She would take us on trips or have us to spend the night with her downtown.  She took me to San Fran in 6th grade.  Just the 2 of us.  I made her eat at the same diner every single day of the trip.  We brought back pounds of Giradeli dark chocolate:) She got me to fake sick in school once, so that she could pick me up and take me to lunch at the Crab Pot in McClellanville.  She made the best cheese toast in the world.  At her house you would always find TAB, Fresca and baby powder.  She had beautiful hand writing and was a lefty (like me).  She had the best accent.  It's funny, I can remember her voice perfectly.  It's kind of funny because now that I see my mom and her two sisters- they look just like her to me.  That's a compliment to yall byt the way (I know you will read this).  She was old school.  But the cool kind of old school. I think she was beautiful.  I don't know what made me think of her today, but I am.  She died when I was in college and for some reason I always tried not to think about it.   I have no idea why this is coming up now, or why I am writing it on here, but it must be important if it is still on my mind.  I found her old bible today.  Full of her handwriting.  I could spot her writing anywhere.  I feel like I didn't get to say bye to her.  She was a good woman.  And I loved her.  A lot.  Plus, I'm pretty sure we were besties.  You know me being the first born and all...
 Look how cool she was:)
This one is my favorite because I used to love to spend the night with her.  She said that whenever she woke up I was always attached to her.  

Alright.  That's enough for me.  This one goes out to HaHa.  

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