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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

An Asian Persuasion

The title sounds much more intriguing than the actual post is... Tricked ya... Tonight I came home, went to bass lessons and came home again.  The girl palace was empty.  Not going to lie, I fancy some alone time.  I decided that I was going to cook myself dinner.  So I downloaded Needtobreathe's new album (GET IT NOW) and started getting busy.  I cooked mandarin chicken, vegetable stir fry and edemame.  Topped off with a nice big glass of the Diet Dew (Standard).  I had myself a good ole time.  Then I had a photo shoot with the food 1- because it looked so good and 2-because I am mildly obsessed with my camera and use any excuse possible to whip it out.  So here is what you missed:
 Yes, I did indeed set the table for myself.  Felt much cooler than eating on the couch.  I don't mind eating alone (not forever though) because I actually had time and space to debrief the day.
 Sorry, thought the owls looked pretty magical in this one
 Lots of good colors
I really do have to recommend this.  It was yummy.  And super easy.  Plus the house is still empty and I'm enjoying some more NTB and some desperate housewives.  Trying to keep it classy people.  The new NTB cd is pretty stellar.  As soon as you finish reading, go buy it on Itunes.  I promise you will love it.  Or your $$ back.  But you will have to take it up with the band.

If you get a second, say a prayer.  I am sharing my testimony at church on Sunday night.  Maybe you could even come:)  I would love to see you.  That's it for me tonight.

Over and Out.

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