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Thursday, January 13, 2011


The blog got a little makeover.  It was time.  Hopefully you like this...If not, it doesn't matter because I do.  Anywho...Let me fill you in on the lost bus boys.  I honestly can't pick a word to describe them.  They are 3 guys from Michigan, on a journey across the country, on a crazy looking bus full of food and canned goods and 3 bunk beds, volunteering as they go.  Yeah.  That about covers it.  They are awesome and you need to check them out.  Just click on this.   We even took them to Okra Grill for a lil southern breakfast (Yummy).  There was one thing that I was fascinated by- They have never even heard of Chick Fil A!! So sad.  Poor guys.  Hopefully they will become well acquainted with the chicken along their journey.  And hopefully they will come back when there is no arctic tundra.  Here is a pic of the bus:


  1. Thanks Sarah for the words! But you couldn't pick a pic of what our bus looks like now?! :) oh and we woulda stopped at a chick a fill something if we had some coupons!