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Monday, January 10, 2011

Blizzard of 2k11

Charleston is on lockdown.  Schools are cancelled.  Bridges are closed.  Gas stations are closing at noon.  Why you ask?  Rain.  That has a chance of freezing. I am definitely not complaining (since I awoke at 10am all snuggly in my bed and ate some nice, warm oatmeal), but I think it's funny that we hit the panic button with some cold rain.  So I slowly got up, went to play some xbox at the DuPre's then headed over here to the office.  Tonight is also the NCAA championship which is sure to be good.  There is also a little adventure going down tonight.  Somehow S.D. has gotten in touch with these people:
And they are going to eat dinner at the DuPre's.  Where I will also be eating dinner.  It is sure to be an adventure.  I will fill you in later:)

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