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Monday, September 23, 2013

Belated, but still Incredible

Mumford and Sons.  I've tried to remain low key about this.  But, alas I cannot.  The reason I have wanted to remain low key is that I flat out just want to brag.  Solid self here.  The week leading up to it I kept seeing posts about people seeing the Mumford posse and I kept thinking "you know not what you are missing..."  I'm all glad for these friends to see them.  And here comes the but.  BUT, I was dealt an amazing hand by a dear friend.  Gentlemen of the Road Stopover: St. Augustine.  4 shows in the USA.  Lots of bands and 2 days of music.  Yes. Please.  And here begins one of the most magical times ever.

Thursday we headed out on a delightful road trip south.  This friend and I trip together well.  Talking is never an issue... plus some Mumford jamming.  I should also mention that an hour before we rolled out- I GOT A CAR.  THAT SEEMS TO BE GOOD.  MIRACLE.  END THAT SHIZZY CHAPTER.  So we headed south.  Got there, got settled and waited for it to be Friday.  Or at least I did.  I wanted to sleep next to the tickets. Still was not sure this was all real. 

Friday came.  We ventured in to St. Augustine.  Very cool.  The whole town was decorated with Mumford stuff.  City hall had huge mustaches plastered and store front windows were decorated.  We even went to the hotel where our pals the Mumfords were staying.  We walked around.  Ate a glorious lunch at the Floridian (where I ranted about side salads) and then headed to the field.  I'll just say- it was hot as shit.  There said it..  We chilled under a tree for a bit.  I'll admit my 27 yr old self was exhausted.  My feet were killing, they had turned black with dirt and my moral was dropping.  But, my veteran friend said it was time to move.  So we began our dissent into the crowd.  I had no idea we were on a mission to the front. After much moving and scooching we made it.  We found some nice people to stand in front of...  And so began the music.  So cool.  By the time the last band, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and their cult band took the stage, we were basically 3rd row.  Pretty sweet.  We rolled out right before 11 pm and headed to City Hall.  We got to then watch Del McCoury and his band play.  SOOOOOO Cool.  The fiddler and another banjo player from Mumford came out and played as well.  I think we rolled out around 1 am.. I'm not sure.  I can't even remember the drive home or walking back into the hotel... Due to exhaustion.  Just so we are clear.

Saturday. Game plan discussed.  Headed into town.  We got through the gates and it was like James Bond.  I went one way.  She went the other.  We were in desperate need of a shady spot to basically camp all day.  We found our tree and set up camp.  Only 9 hours until Mumford.  Game on.  Of course, I immediately fell asleep...  I was awakened by a new favorite band, Bears Den.  Check them out.  AMAZING.  I think I had a crush on all of them.  Then my next favorite came, Half moon run.  So cool.  There were some other bands in between here and there.  At about 6 we made our move.  We packed up camp and headed into the gauntlet.  I am too passive at this stage of the game.  Thank God my friend is much bolder.  We calmly made our way into the mass of 30,000 people.  We watched The Vaccines and moved on.  Then the surprise guest came on.  JOHN FOGERTY.  From CCR.  AMAZING.  His house band?  MUMFORD AND SONS.  AWESOME.  I did not want it to end.  Loved seeing Marcus on the drums and Winston on guitar.  Plus the others:)  SOOOO Cool.  Then came show time.  The Mumfords came back on after a short break and blew my mind.  I wanted to cry the ENTIRE time.  Every song was incredible.  The covers, the originals.  Everything.  I still can't believe I saw them so close.  I couldn't even drink beer all day in fear of screwing something up and not being able to fully take it all in... Priorities people.  They covered I'm on fire, Come Together and an awesome accapella spiritual.  When they sang Below my Feet I thought that I was going to combust.  I'm still on a high apparently...  I am 100% sucked in.  Gentlemen of the Road Stopovers are AMAZING.  Sorry I'm not sorry.  IT WAS INCREDIBLE.

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