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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Knee deep

There is not much that can compare to standing knee deep in salt water with your rod in hand.  In the most beautiful place that you have ever seen.  The place that you are lucky enough to call home.  You stare into the sun hoping like you have never hoped before just to see the tip of that red tail weaving above the water.  You forget to breathe in anticipation.  You begin to hear sounds that you didn't notice before.  You don't notice all of the bugs swarming your ghostly white skin.  Or your feet slowly sinking into the mud.   Nothing else matters.  It actually feels like time is stopped.  Except for the sinking of the sun.  And then you know your time is precious.  Even if you see no tail, which happened last night, it is worth it.  Worth standing in a spot for one hour and witnessing a perfect sunset.  Worth it to take it all in.  Last night, while we were wading out on that flat, I was so thankful to be just standing there sharing it with a dear friend.  I wish everyday could be like that:)

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