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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Thoughts from Gryffindor Tower: Hair

Disclaimer: I live on the 3rd floor of the Wagner's house, which I have now deemed Gryffindor Tower.  Just so we are clear.

So, I'm going to get vulnerable here.  Well, not in a spiritual way.  Got to keep it light tonight.  I'm probably going to gross you out.  I just experienced the funniest, weirdest 10 min of 2013.  I came home to the usual scene.  Bexx and Lee Ann doing some crazy math homework.  I usually go straight up stairs, not because I'm anti social, but because I lack any iota of math skills.  Well, I stayed for some socializing.  I was introduced to a hair wand...  Not sure how I feel about it.  I'm still adjusting to a straightener and some curly hair product lotion type stuff.  Not sure I'm ready for the wand yet.  Any who.  Bexx and I got to talking.  She informed me that she had just used a "snake" to clean her shower drain and was pretty proud of herself.  Sounds very glamorous right?  Well, it just so happens that since I moved to Gryffindor Tower, I have also had a drainage problem.  We both immediately race upstairs stealthily. We did not want to attract any attention to our whereabouts.  After many failed attempts, Bexx got into the tub and we worked that sucker down the drain.  Just some roomie bonding.  Here is when I should tell you that I absolutely hate hair that is not attached to some one's head.  Stray and wayward strands of hair completely grosses this sister out.  Like it makes me gag.  Or throw up.  If I see it floating through the air or on a pillow it just gets me...  Side note: The only time I ever skipped class in high school was when someone in the desk in front of me had long hair and it would be so long that it would hit my desk.  Sometimes the stray hair would fall on my desk.  Oh heck no.  I would have to make up some excuse and go roam the halls of Wando until the bell rang.  Gross.  I know this sounds a little dramatic, but besides the hair thing, I'm pretty perfect.  Sike...   So I was a little concerned about what the snake was going to bring me.  She worked that thing like crazy.  Well we got halfway through the dismount and I thought the Lord was calling me home.  My life was flashing before me.  Got a little dizzy.  Definitely nauseous.  The snake is a fighter.  No idea how the hell that thing does what it does, but it gets it done.  It was doing it's job.  I just couldn't take it.  I had to evacuate the scene.  I was going down.  Sick.  I could not be a plumber.  Or a hair dresser.  I abandoned Bexx to finish the job.  Luckily I held it together and could re enter several minutes later.  We laughed so hard.  The two of us on the floor of the bathroom, halfway in the tub, whispering, trying not to puke or die laughing..  Just living the dream.

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  1. Have not yet the tub drain snake, but I am pretty sure it's not something I'm rushing into after this story.