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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Thoughts from Gryffindor Tower: Beauty Products

I have officially come full circle.  I moisturized tonight.  There's a first time for everything.  Lately, I have been upping the game if you will.  By that I mean, matching my outfits, brushing the hair, wearing some Toms, etc.  And tonight I moisturized.  I went to Target on Sunday with one mission.  Get some product.  I looked in the mirror and discovered that I was a little ashy...  Like dry skin.  On the face.  OH HECK NO.  So I asked some beauty experts and I decided that I needed moisturizer.  So after a few days of letting it sink in, I set off on my mission.  I braved the Target parking lot and made it to the beauty aisle. OH DEAR LORD.  The choices were endless.  All I wanted was moisturizer for beginners??  The plain kind.  Childproof.  Where was the guidebook?  How does one know what to get?  Surely not by trial and error?  Ain't nobody got time for that.  I was in an inner panic.  There's all of these choices: anti aging, spf, no wrinkle, tinted, oil based, oil free, cheap, expensive, serum, night cream, hypoallergenic, organic, cruelty free, alcohol free... and the list goes on. How does an innocent, tomboy trying to conform to the world of womanhood even know where to begin???  It's cruel world out there.  It's not easy.  One wrong choice could lead to oily skin.  Break outs galore.  I was all alone.  My usual beauty consultants were MIA and I was left to decide on my own.  So there I stood.  Awaiting my beauty destiny.  I was fearing oily product.  No need to bring back any middle school break outs.  I must have stared at the choices for a good twenty minutes. (I don't like to rush into crazy things..)  After much inner debate, I made a selection.  20 minutes later...  I was too worn out to go in search of other products such as hair brushes and accessories.  Being a woman is tough.  Seriously.  Especially in this era.  A little exhausting keeping up with the modern woman..   I'm a little late to this part of the game and have a lot of ground to cover.  But, hopefully tomorrow I will not be ashy.  Who knows what is next...


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