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Sunday, April 7, 2013


We headed out late Saturday afternoon in search of some red fish.  To say that it was a glorious day would be an awful understatement.  The weather was perfect and the tide was high.  We headed up the Wando, throttle down, looking for some early tailers.  We tried a few spots and had no luck.  We got to our last spot and found just what we were looking for.  We poled across the grass and just about 20 yards from the bow, we saw what we've been waiting all winter for.  Just barely saw that swirl of silver from the corner of my eye.  Not to be too dramatic here, but seeing a red fish tail in the grass, as the sun is setting, is the most beautiful and exciting thing I have ever seen.  Every time I see it, it feels like the first time.  I have to refrain from jumping right off the bow.   Then you cast your line, praying to God that you don't spook that fish into next week.  When it hits your bait it's the most exciting second of your entire life.  Everything stops.  All you can think about is that fish on your line.  Just to feel your rod bent and your hands holding on as tight as possible.  I really thought that I was going to spontaneously combust on the spot.  Then you are sitting on the flat, watching the sun sink down and trying to catch a glimpse of another tail out of water.  I was cutting deals with God just for him to keep that sun up for ten more minutes.. Sadly, it began to sink down.  Oh well... It's the thought that counts...  I forgot every single thing that has been in my head the last few weeks and had 3 hours of pure nature and good company.  Afternoons like this remind me how special this place is.  And just how awesome God is.  I could have sat out there all day.  Staring into the sun.  Hoping and praying that we would see those tails moving.  I can't wait to get back out there.

If you are looking for another good read.  Or if you just like fishing, check out my friend Wild's blog here. Wilds is an awesome fisherman, fly tier, teacher and friend.  Check it out.  Here are some pictures from Saturday evening.

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