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Sunday, December 2, 2012

My people

Alright, this is a mushy post so just stop reading now.  No harm no foul.  I was driving home tonight and all I was thinking about was that I am really, really thankful for my people.  It is almost too hard to put into words.  But, alas, I will try.  Sometimes I get stressed because I have some really incredible friends, but they are all dispersed and spread out, that it's hard to get to connect.  But, tonight I just kept having this super content/lucky/overwhelming/blessed feeling.  I just feel blessed to get to do life with some extremely great people.  People that inspire me.  People that encourage me.  People that love me.  People that challenge me.  People that make me up my fashion game..  People that are real.  People that inspire me to go for it.  People that really do life with me.  For example: I was with some very dear friends tonight.  They are older than me (and cooler than me), yet they are so very dear to me.  I am in a completely different stage of life than these people, but they still let me hang with them:) We are all very different from each other, but I couldn't love them more.  I laugh oh so much with them (sometimes at them)(In a nice way). Sitting there tonight, between laughs what not, I realized that this is how it is supposed to be.  Everyone is very different and has their good stuff and their junk, but we are all just supposed to do life together.  We are supposed to be a community for each other.  A safe place.  A fun place.  There is nothing better than being with people that you love and being 100% yourself and 100% at ease.  Seriously.  That is one of the all time best feelings ever in the world.  I wish I could be like that all of the time.  So to all of my friends out there, near and far, young and old-  LOVE YOU LONG TIME.

Just had to get that out there:)

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