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Monday, December 3, 2012

Leavin on a jet plane

First off, those that have been praying for Rob, I can't thank you enough.  Seriously. Yall are rockstars, whether you know it or not.  It has been very cool/life changing/amazing to see how much your prayers have meant to our boy Rob.  That joker continues to amaze me:)

So, I am asking that you keep praying.  Today, I got to hang with him and his posse before he headed north to Pittsburg.  Yep, you heard right.  He is headed north to check some things out.  Please pray for safety, health, hope and peace for him and his entourage. And whatever else you would like to add.  There have been a whole heck of a lot of unknowns, so it is pretty awesome that he gets to fly north:)  Rob has been holding court at MUSC for quite sometime now and today is the best I've seen him in a while now.  So keep the prayers coming. 

I owe you one,


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