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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Diaries of a "supposed" adult

Today I went to the dry cleaners for the first time.  Yes.  I am 27.  No, I have never been before.  This may seem like a small task to you normal people, but it was a milestone for this gal.  I usually never wear anything that has to be dry cleaned.  Or I just febreeze it... (Ew.  That sounds worse now that I have actually said it out loud)  I had to take my once bridesmaid dress from Biz's wedding that I had shortened to be cleaned for Beth's wedding. (which happens to be THIS Friday).  I had minor anxiety.  I think my anxiety is directly related to the dress being a "bridesmaid's" dress.  All of the bridesmaidial junk tags along with it and makes me nervous.  Just disregard this, it means nothing to the common public..  You can catch a glimpse of my bridesmaid trials here, if you need a laugh.  We have come a long way people.  All of these thoughts came rushing in like: Do I need to try this sucker on for them?  Will it shrink?  (We can not have that) What if it gets ruined?  (It's like the only dress that I have, that I enjoy wearing)  What if it gets lost?  It was just a bad rabbit trail that I went cruising down.  After standing in the middle of the lobby for like 5 minutes straight, just staring off into the sweat shop abyss, someone asked if I needed help.  (No sir, not the kind you can give me...)  No wonder I have never gotten anything dry cleaned.  Should have started my day with some fireball or something...  Okay, maybe that wouldn't be the best decision.  After asking him several too in depth questions about the well being of my dress, he pried it from my hands.  And there you have it.  I have accomplished one small, adult task in 2012.  Amen. 

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