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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Getting Hitched

(There are lots of pics, bail out if you have legit things to do) I was very lucky in high school.  I was incredibly lucky to have a very tight, loyal, awesome group of friends.  We kinda got together through Young Life (I will write more on this another day) and have been lucky enough to stay friends ever since.  We are all incredibly different, yet we have been pretty great for each other.  Some of the best moments of my life have been spent with these girls.  We have had some truly amazing times together, we've walked out some very hard things and we have gotten to see each other grow up.  Here we are in our glory days..
And then we somehow all made it to college...
Now here comes the point of this trip down memory lane.  My friends are pretty awesome.  It just so happens that this weekend, my dear friend Beth "the shit" Simmons (Pardon the language, but it is a nickname) got married.  So many of our group were back in town and it was AWESOME.  It just felt so good to know everyone was here.  Even if we weren't hanging out.  Just knowing that they were in the 843 did this little heart good.  Beth is a very special part of our group. She is mostly in charge:)  And that's what I love about her.  Beth is one of the best people that I know.  I love her whole family.  You have read about them on here before.  Team Shirley.  Her mom, Shirley, passed away this summer and she is truly one of the best people I have known.  Beth is a whole lot like her and I think that is so cool.  Every single year, Beth and her mom put on the Christmas dinner.  These people don't do anything halfway.  Trust me.  Hostesses with the mostesses.  I can't even describe.  Shirlz could accessorize any event to make you feel so special.  I have never seen someone come close to having the gift of hospitality like Mrs. Shirley did.  She made us feel like we were so special and important.   
Missing people are always inserted into the group pics...
Christmas parties just weren't enough for these people.  They had to start getting married...
Which forces me to do things like this..
Beth is one of the funniest people that I will ever know.  There is just no comparison.  She can quote almost any movie.  We used to make videos at her house in the middle of the night and I would literally wet my pants laughing..  You will never, ever see those.  In case you are wondering.  She is one of the only people that will sing Bone thugz in Harmony and Kaci and JoJo with me.  

Basically this picture below sums up our friendship.  I think it took me hours to recover from this moment.  If I even recovered...
I love these people oh so much.  They were each such a huge part of my growing up.  
The blushing bride:)
We like to have a good time..
Look how cute we are:)
I still can't believe little beffearey is a married woman.  In fact, she is a technically a preachers wife..  In honor of Beth, I went all out people.  Straight hair, makeup, painted nails and a pashmina.  Yes, I now know what that is.  You heard right.  Growing up...  It was so good to be with my people again.  Especially on the dance floor:)  That's where I do my best bonding...
The parental units came too!
In honor of Beth, we had an after party
 Especially enjoyed reuniting with this one
Sorry for the marathon of pics, but I just can't help it.  I like my people.  It is so fun (and interesting) to see everyone all semi grown up now.  I am sad this weekend is over, but more so, I am so very thankful to still get to see these people every once in a while.  I look forward to about 60 more years of this stuff.  Right?  All in all, it was a delightful wedding weekend.

Get down on it,


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