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Friday, November 9, 2012


Welcome to Fashion Friday.  Well, hell has frozen over.  I am about to say something that I never thought I would say.  I, Sarah Sass, self declared tom boy/outdoors woman, am reigning in my inner princess.  I have an announcement.  Today I have stepped up my fashion game.  You heard right.  Today, I willingly put on a pair of skinny jeans.  And.  I like them.  No.  I LOVE them.  I never, ever thought that these words would ever come from my own mouth, but alas the day has come.  I don't even know what to do with myself.  I mean, I am actually not hating clothes at this present moment in my life.  Seriously. I never want to take these suckers off.  Now they are as mildly skinny as one can get, but they are classified as skinny nonetheless.  I must have been depressed or something last week because I did a little more retail therapy than normal...  It was time to update the wardrobe.  Time to up my fashion game.  (too much talk of online dating coming from some people made me need to up the stakes here)  Side note:  Online dating.  Not happening.  Ever.  I do not care what story you have to tell me.  Not happening.  We need not dwell on this- just thought you should know my opinion.  No need to mention it to me:) No offense to those who have found true love on the world wide web.  I bought shoes, multiple pant options, some shirts, a skirt and skinny jeans.  I happened upon some jeggings, but after further review- ain't happening.  Don't worry, I did round out the fashion with a recreational/firearm purchase.  Have to stay true to my roots people.   So there you have it.  Miracles happen every day...

Make good choices,

Prinsass.  Your fashionista...

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  1. Love it....I have had on yoga pants and flip flops for days....I need to follow your plan;) mandy