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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Baby Mommas

This one goes out to the baby mammas.  And daddys.  Lots went on this weekend, but today I shall start with the babies.  This weekend was Mandy Brantley's dirty 30 bday weekend.  It was great.  Let me take you back a ways.  To what I like to call my glory days.  When I was in high school I got the chance to spend time with a very special group of people.  This is like 2001- barely made it past the millennium... When I began going to Young Life @ Adam and Dana's my life changed almost immediately.  I met Tradd, McCarthy, Mandy, Thad, Lara, John Moye, Chris Simon and Hinson.  A few years later came some other great ones.  Plus I met Adam and Dana (Stinks for you if you don't know them).  These people loved me, encouraged me and spent time with me.  They don't even know of half of the impact they had on me.  I thought they were the coolest people that I would ever meet.  Then I got to college and got to become a leader with them.  I had a group my own age, but they welcomed me like I was part of the group.  It felt so good and affirming to get to hang with them.  I have always been so thankful for them.  Here is the cool part.  They are all still so awesome. Even the people that they married are awesome.  Now they have not one, but multiple babies.  It is one of the most surreal, but incredible things to watch. I was dying laughing seeing them pile onto the beach with ginormous strollers, baby tents, baby sunscreen and kids in wet diapers. They are awesome moms and dads, but they still have that fun and hilarious spark to them.  They still invent beach games, they still say inappropriate things and they still love the Lord and are still and example to me.  I am so lucky to call them friends.  I was sad for Mandy's day at the beach to be over, because I think I could hang out with them and their ninos all day long.  I hope that I can be half the parents that they are.  Icing on the cake was seeing Adam and Dana there.  They were the spark that for real lit the flame (cheesy I know).  They gave their lives to a ministry and helped shape some awesome friendships.  Every time I see them out in public, I either want to cry or tell every single person how cool they are.  They are some special people. In all seriousness- seeing these people grow up into adults has encouraged me in so many ways.  So here's to you and your babies.  I love y'all.  I should also mention that all of their babies are BEAUTIFUL.  Figures.

Auntie Sass

See below.  I could squeeze them all dang day.


  1. i love you Sass....and if i don't get to squeeze you and all of those babies soon...i might die.

  2. this post. We love you...always have. And you are the coolest. Without a doubt. Love the pictures of the kiddos too!