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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fish on

I have lots of things to post, but today I shall keep it short.  Friday night, one of my favorite people graduated high school.  Not only did she graduate, she was Valedictorian.  Yeah.  You heard right.  Caroline rocked it.  So happy to get to see it!  Plus, the Senf fan threw a stellar graduation party.  I am still sore form dancing... I've just now realized that I am actually no longer in high school.  I cried at Caroline's graduation... I don't even now how I will get through all of the other ones...
Man am I going to be missing those girls next year.  They are the best and they have been such a blessing.  To combat the graduation depression- I went fishing with dad.  It was cold, windy, nasty and awesome.  It was fun to get on the water with Herb.  He hasn't gotten to fish in a very long time.  Look at this guy's smile after he landed his first redfish of the day:
ThenI tied it up with one

We had a great time.  More to come later:)  Off to senior night at church.  I'm predicting more tears..

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