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Friday, March 30, 2012

Where did he come from?

It's been a long time coming.  I'll be honest here and say that I have not done a good job of getting in the word.  I'd say I'm about at 23% when it comes to reading the Bible.  2 out of 10 if you don't understand my percentages.  I flat out don't do it.  I am such a reader.  I think it's mainly because I lack motivation and I can't read it fast.  But, excuses are cheap and this is one of my biggest spiritual weaknesses.  I have no problem reading books on the Bible or books about our friend the Holy Spirit.  As for the Word, I'm a little weak.  So this week I got a copy of the Children's Story Book Bible.  Yes, the one that all of you moms have received at your un born baby's shower.  The one with the kiddie stories and pictures.  I decided to start reading it on Monday. Well guess what people???  I am already more than halfway finished.  Yep.  Ya heard right.  I actually cannot put the thing down.  I love it.  The stories are cool.  I am actually catching up on some things that I may have missed when I was a little kidlet.  It's cool to read things from a kid's perspective.  Now, it does happen to leave out some of the more "unmentionables."  Like Hagar and affairs and other bad stuff.  It's like the happy version.  It's a start right?  I was reading on the beach today with Sherri, Becky (HAPPY) and Liz.  I discovered something crazy.  Somehow over the last 9 years I have been oblivious to the fact that there was a disciple named Thaddeus.  I mean, where the heck did he come from??  (I also don't recall ever learning about Bartholomew, but I didn't mention that because they were already shocked that I didn't know about Thad and his whereabouts...) So I was only accounting for 10 of the 12...  I knew there were some Johns and Peters and all, but these two threw me for a loop.  I also didn't know that much about John the Baptist.  Did you know he only ate locusts?  I asked my friends on the beach why, expecting a great answer.  Not.  Apparently he was wild...  He baptized Jesus.... Yeah missed that one too somehow...  So, this lil gem of a Bible is rocking my world. 

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  1. I had a similar experience with the Jesus Storybook Bible. A few times it brought me to tears while reading to Abbie. Try explaining that one to a three year old!