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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Oooh's and Aaaaah's

This weekend was pretty stellar.  Let me start with this.  Today, I was on the couch from 2pm-6pm.  I then went and saw Act Of Valor.  I am still crying.  You should probably go see it.  Then you will be super proud to be an American.  And thankful. People risk their lives for us day in and day out.  Just go see it.

Last night was the Needtobreathe and Ben Rector concert.  I have been awaiting this day for a very, very long time.  I have been a loyal NTB fan for a very long time.  I am not new to this bandwagon.  You see, they new me when I had my bad hair cut.  And that says a lot.  Would you like to see some pics circa 2007?
Old school.  When I was trying to grow my hair out and it was in super awkward stage.  I tried to mask it with headbands... Fail.  It was also when I decided to only wear fleece vests around... another fail.  I'd like to go ahead and thank Matt Luff and Logan Chandler for dragging me to Columbia to Headliners on some school night in college to listen to a band I had never heard of.  I was hooked on the first song!  Last night, while at the sold out show I realized how amazing it was to see a band that really, really worked to make it.  They are awesome!  And they deserve it!  They are really cool guys.  My favorite part was the drum line part toward the end.. If only it could have lasted a little longer.  The cherry on top to seeing NTB was Ben Rector.  I have been obsessed with Ben Rector's music for a couple years now after hearing his song "When she comes around" on a very unrealistic wedding video.  He is a really talented dude.  For real.  Rocks a piano and rocks a guitar.  Like none other. I'd say that was one of the best concerts ever.  I think it ties David Gray/Ray Lamontagne.

One of the reasons the concert was so fun was that it was full of tons and tons of friends.  Like so:
 Any time there is a photo booth, it is bound to be fun:)

So after the concert was over (sad) a group of about 15 of us did some major loitering to get to stay inside.  Then we made a move to get back stage.  I really thought our chances were slim, but we just kept moving.  (I kept thinking: just keep swimming, just keep swimming.. and so on).  After following an awesome pregnant wife of a band mate I gained some hope- she got us all in.  I would go ahead and say she is a bad *ss pregnant lady.  I want her on my team.  100%.  So we chilled backstage.  I had been lucky enough to have met them a few times before, but it was really cool to see some friends meeting them.  They were hilarious.  I think they got autographs on everything they own:)  Luckily I snuck a few pics of my own:)
 Their stage was sick.  It was a type writer and it was awesome!
 So I may not have mentioned that I have wanted to see Ben Rector forever.  I've had a music crush on him for too long! Finally!!!!
If you don't listen to Ben, I seriously suggest you start.  I forgot to mention that I also saw the coolest bday cake that I have ever seen. True story.  And it was made by a boy.  Who is not a professional.  The boy has mad baking skills.  Seriously.

So there you have it.  It was a great weekend.  Hope yours was good too:)

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