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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I went to the big DO on Friday night. If you aren't familiar, the DO=Wando High School.  I hadn't been in quite a while.  So naturally I make my re-entry at homecoming to support some lil homecoming courters.  I can sum up the experience in 2 words.  CULTURE SHOCK.  Straight up.  Now I graduated in 2003, which is not that long ago my friends.  Things seem to be a bit different. The place was packed.  More like a giant mob actually. Quite scary.  The 1st half went smoothly. Saw some people.  You know, did the whole social thing.  Then after half time, Rosalind and I made our way to the lower ground. (this would be the congregating area)  I would like to name this the "melting pot." If only I could show you a picture.  All the different groups were chilling here.  We had the middle school make outs going on, wanna be rappers and gangsters, divas, jocks, emos, legit gangsters, skaters, dancer girls..., stalker parents, the foul mouthed angry kids, priss pots, prep necks, rednecks, sweaty little kids and some others that I'm not quite sure about.  It was crazy to see the different groups.  Something happened to me while I was standing there people watching.  I all of a sudden felt sad for all these kids.  They were all trying so hard to fit in, but were ridiculous.  I don't remember it being like that in high school.  I mean there were half naked girls running around in sports bras.  I'm sorry- when did that become ok??  I don't remember people trying so hard just to fit in.  They are all looking for something, they just don't have a clue what it is.  I know this sounds weird, but I felt terrible for them. Rosalind said that when something stirs your heart like that, then maybe God is preparing you for something.  That being said-I have no idea what that means for me, but I have a feeling it has something to do with kids.  So we shall see.  Let me share about the fights we also witnessed.  So in the midst of my people watching/culture shock all of a sudden a crowd forms directly in front of us. I kid you not.  In about 10 seconds a huge circle formed right where we were standing.  All of a sudden two giant boys were going at it. Fighting to the death.  People are yelling.  People are cheering (idiots). People are taking pictures (bigger idiots).  Well next thing I know- Rosalind has run into the middle of the circle to break the fight up.  I don't know any other little white mom who would run head first into a huge fight. So naturally I had to follow her in there and try to drag her out.  Fail.  I had to bail and get out.  Finally the cops arrive on the scene and break it up.  Well just when I think we are done all of the people start running to the other side of the lot.  Women and children could have been trampled.  No lie.  Then there was another huge fight.  I mean who gets into a stinking street fight at a dang football game.  C'mon people.  High school is supposed to be fun.  Anyways, Wando won and all ended well.  We all made it home safe...But I realized how much things have changed even since I graduated 7 short years ago.  Crazy times.

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