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Friday, October 15, 2010

Ready or Knot

First can I ask you a question?  What does dressy/casual really mean?  I personally think it is an oxymoron. When you are dressy you are clearly not casual and vice versa.  This has been bothering me for quite sometime.   It's past midnight and once again I can not sleep.  Figures.  Today has been crazy.  I had to work, go to group, then go on a search at the Towne Center.  Just so everyone knows.  I took a major step in womanhood today.  I bought my very own hair product, a barret/clip thing and a necklace.  All on my own.  That's a big deal people.  Then I hurried home to shower before the rehearsal.  Luckily we all made it through the rehearsal in one piece.  Unfortunately, I cried so who knows what will happen tomorrow.  Then we headed to Laura Alberts.  It was so good.  I, of course, got the crab cake. And it was good.  That place has an awesome drink selection. They were constantly coming by and forcing me to try all kinds of things...While I was sitting there munching on my little cake, I started thinking about how much I am going to miss Megan.  Its crazy that she is getting married tomorrow!! I still can't believe the day is finally here.  So after a few tears, toasts and glasses of wine, I pulled myself together and made it through the night....So here I am. It's 12:22 am and I am wide awake.  About 42 of my closest friends are staying here at the Girl Palace tonight.  So it has been delightful seeing sweet friends.  We also welcomed Alyse into the palace tonight.  Wahoooo.  So I just tried on the dress and luckily it fits.  Oh, and I also tried on the shoes and I think they are a go.  We shall see.  I keep thinking about tomorrow and it is making me nervous.  I don't love the idea of walking/tripping down and aisle with everyone watching me.  This just can't be good.  Hopefully I will have a smooth trip down...Anyways...I am going to try and get some beauty sleep.  It is very much needed here tonight.  Maybe I will see you tomorrow:)

Ready or Knot, bridesmaidenship is upon us,
Betty B


  1. That would be right up there with "plantation casual." What the hell is that I ask.

    Ginny Sass

  2. Yeah, and how about business casual? That's definitely not dressy casual, or is it? Long ago, it used to be "church clothes." That doesn't work anymore.