Just a little bit of guns & dresses

Monday, October 11, 2010

The big guns

I have shown you the dresses.  Here are the guns.  See, at the girl palace we have many qualities.  Wim knows her chicken.  Betsy can save your life and bake really delicious cookies.  Megan...well she plays with rats.  Me, I like to shoot guns and put on the occasional bridesmaid's dress.  I know that I am 25 and should like other things, like clothes and home goods.  But I don't. Sorry.  Wait. I take that back. I love any home goods that come from Celadon or Anthro.  So I do have a lil tiny bit of priss in here somewhere.  Ok.  I need my beauty sleep.  For real.  The wedding is approaching fast.  Tomorrow I journey back to the dress place to pick up my bridesmaid dress.  Should be interesting. I will be sure to keep you posted...


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