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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Take me there

I'm a pretty good live in the moment gal.  I appreciate the here and now as well as anyone. Let's be real- I'm sentimental and could connect with a brick wall.  But, alas, my mind has its wanderings. Have you ever seen pictures that completely inspire you?  Maybe even make you cry?  Today I was looking around and would have given anything to be transported to wherever these were.  Sometimes its good to do a little wandering:) Sometimes I think we need a little inspiration.  So here's mine for today.
 In search of the perfect swinging waterlights!!!beach life
sadie + stella: For the Seafood Lover in You - Lowcountry Boilanother snowy cabin with lights (Photo By: James Carriere Photography)
Bookshop Windowvintage. writer's desk. art.
Man Fly Fishing

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