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Thursday, March 13, 2014


Last weekend our bible study took a little road trip to McClellanville.  It was so fun.  I don't want to say I was surprised or anything (because I knew it would be fun), but it was AWESOME.  I love just sitting around talking until way late. Or going in the boat and just drifting around.  Early Sat morning Anne (we lead the group together) and I went on a little boat adventure. We happened upon some dolphins feeding and just playing. It was amazing. We must have just puttered around there for an hour or so in utter amazement.  Seriously- so cool.  They came right up to us and I swear they knew exactly what they were doing..  We just so happened to do the same thing Sunday.  I was legitimately sad when we had to leave.

I have to say- When our group first started, I was petrified. In fact, I thought maybe Cassie picked the wrong person to help with this situation.  But as time has passed, I have been amazed.  It has really turned into the coolest thing.  I love everybody in there. And that is pretty cool. I mean, there are like 30 lady friends in there. Crazy cool that all 30 are so cool and different.  I love that I am the youngest and the oldest is 80.  We are all about intergenerational-ness over at the SAMP.  I have learned so much in there:) I just feel so thankful to get to do it.  It does help that I get to help lead it with one of the bestest.  Here are some pics from our dolphin adventure:)

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