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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thoughts from Gryffindor tower

I heard something really cool slash interesting the other day.  It's a quote from Graham Cooke (whom I love). I'm not sure the exact wording, but it is along the lines of:

"Whatever you need the most, be the first to give it away."

I have been thinking about it a lot.  What do I need most?  Grace?  Love?  Affirmation?  Encouragement? (Rice Krispy Treats??) The list could go on for days and days. I think that I enjoy loving people.  In fact, it is very easy for me to do so.  Why?  Probably because that is what I need most.  Sometimes it's hard to admit, because we are taught to be all tough and ass kicking....  But, I'll be the first to say that I need some loving:)  But, truly, there is no better feeling than giving away love.  I don't do it perfectly and I probably don't even do it well.  But I think it is something worth giving a go.  So think about it.  What do you need the most?  And can you give it away?

Here is another interesting thing.  The other night I was having a pretty hearty convo with the resident counselor of Gryffindor tower.  We tend to cover many things, but we just so happened to be talking about relationships and sacrifice and love.  Not that I have mush experience in any of those, but I am always fascinated by each of them.  Lately I have just been amazed by certain things.  Things that I don't even want to write on here in case I pissed anyone off, but I have truly been amazed.  In positive and negative ways.  People and their relations truly intrigue me.  Back to love.  While talking she threw out some examples of sacrificial love (none of which made me want to jump on the sacrifice train) and I was truly stunned. (In a good way).  She also casually explained that we should be able to love and expect nothing in return.  Nothing?  Ain't so sure about that. It's total and complete vulnerability.  Doing things knowing that they may go unnoticed.  Or unappreciated.  That is the killer for me.  I don't like things to go unappreciated.  Well guess what?  That's also where I realized I may need to do some growing.  I have to be okay with doing things (out of love) and them going unnoticed. (Hell, that's probably how it's supposed to be anyways.) I tell you what- I learn something new every single, dang day.


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