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Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was action packed.  It started with my first ever Craigslist sale.  Sold my first guitar that I bought with my own money.  It was bittersweet.  Then I ate the best sandwich ever!  Soft shell crab BLT.  Boulevard did me right.  Yum.  Friday night I got to go see Caroline Senf rock it as a murderer in her schools murder mystery play.  She was great!
Haha.  On Saturday I woke up and went to help Douglas on his farm out on Wadmalaw.  I absolutely love going out there.  It is really cool.  Douglas is farming local produce, potatoes and rice.  Its pretty cool. 

I'm fairly certain that the whole tractor deal is my favorite part.  Plus I do get to take home some good produce to the girl palace...

Saturday afternoon, after a much needed shower I went to see my favorite little people before they went to prom. (So glad I was not going to prom..)


Sunday was my Godson, Tommy's baptism.  It was really sweet and I am very honored to get to be his Godmother.  He's a precious little angel nugget.  I gave him a super sweet boogie board for his baptism... Can't wait to take him out on it. 
Sunday afternoon I hit a wall of exhaustion. So I turned on the Growing Pains and took a nice 2 hour nap slash lay around.  Then I woke up, stumbled to my car and went here

And had a few of these
It was a great weekend.  Hope yours was great!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So excited

I am so excited.  I have a new god son!!!!!  He has been one of my favorites forever.  He and his little brother are getting baptized on Sunday and I couldn't be more excited/honored/emotional etc.  I'm excited to get to be a special part of his life.  I can't wait to start little traditions with him and just get to hang out with him.  Did I mention that he is adorable?  Or cute?  He is 4 and can already run the boat.  My kind of kid:)  Just look how cute he is

Needless to say- I am pumped.  I love kids.  I love toys.  I love having an excuse to go buy toys!!  Plus he is a fun kid, so I get to buy fun toys.  Like BB guns and go carts:)  (Sorry Eliza).  One of my favorite things about this situation is that I love Tommy's family and everyone connected to it. So it's fun to know we will all be connected for a long time.  Now if you haven't met Tommy's baby brother then you are missing out...  He is adorable.  He is happy.  And he is a biggun.  See below..

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Last night I got to shoot my first live engagement.  Let me just say that it may have been the most romantic situation I have ever seen.  Mike called and said he wanted me to shoot his proposal.  At sunset. On an island. With a dog.  And wine.  Let's just say the bar has now been set high...  Here are some of my favorite shots of the night.  (Many thanks to captain Eliza for driving me around)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Brantley Boys

Secrets out.  The Brantley boys are seriously the most adorable little boys I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  Seriously.  No lie- Harrison is the cutest and nicest kid I have ever met.  I love the Brantleys.  Obvi.  The parents aren't to bad either:)
 alway up for a good time:)
 Is it bad that my favorite ones are when fisher was freaking out?
 Below is my fav shot of the day:)
Team Brantley at their finest:)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Couldn't be prouder

Sorry I've been gone a while... It's been a long, long long 2 weeks.  I literally wake up and go to work.  And come home.  And pray my credit has started to report.... I have a lot of stories that will be shared later.  Tonight you have the privilege of reading a guest post.  A dear friend of mine wrote a beautiful paper for school on one of the most disgusting things ever--Crocs!  Ansley is in 9th grade.  I couldn't be prouder..

I walked in with utter amazement at the footwear in front of me. The array of rubber-soled shoes looked at me, and I back. Every kid at school had a pair, every soccer player on my team wore them after the game, everyone at the pool slipped them on before jumping in the water; they were Crocs. Immediately my eyes were drawn to the light pink Croc. I looked at my mom for consideration and she picked them up, without even allowing me to try them on, and took the Crocs up to the cash register. I snatched the bag and as I walked out of the store I knew from then on I was changed, for better or for worse, I had joined the Croc cult. My decision sparked my love for Crocs that failed to last. The fact of the matter is Crocs are not the ideal ‘Birkdale’ shoe. Their appearance, accessories, and kiosks have distorted the American culture into thinking rubber, with holes, is okay to wear in public.
If I saw someone in Birkdale with crocs I would definitely give them a look; the up down. For me, I don’t even have to physically see someone wearing crocs, I can hear them. As they are squeaking on the hard cement, the rubber is wearing away, and the holes are becoming more prevalent. I feel insulted to see anyone wearing “Crocs: the fashionable shoe icon”. Their appearance and materials make my stomach sick, not only for the person and their self image, but also for everyone having to set eyes on that horrid picture.
Not only is a Croc grotesque, but the idea that some child in the United States ‘invented’ The Croc buttons. Whoever would have thought buttons on a shoe would be such a hit. You might as well tie shoe laces on your shirt. In the words of a child, “Each and every individual button has its own special memory. The lion symbolizes when I went to the zoo, the wave is from when I went to the beach, and the girls head is actually my face.” Do you see the problem? Although the buttons do cover up the horrific holes in Crocs, they are not fashionable, and most definitely justified because of the ‘memories’.
Have you ever walked around the mall and been stopped by annoying kiosks? Telling you, “Yo hair so prettay, would you like a sample-.”Yes the Croc shoe does have a kiosk, and you can browse every single croc from a cart blocking mall traffic. How wonderful, an array of assorted colors of rubber shoes, buttons with faces on them, and an irksome salesman who probably works at the local McDonalds.

Monday, April 9, 2012

uh oh

Uh... I just watched this and cried.  seriously... something is wrong with me.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Loose Lips

Loose lips.  Sink ships.  That's all I'm saying here people.  I learned that little phrase a long time ago.  Today I had a little reality check.  I was at Starbucks bright and early.  Innocently adding some cinnamon to my delightful iced coffee.  While at the fixin station 2 women who I have seen in there before were talking.  They were talking about people that I knew.  Weird I know, but I figured it out after hearing her speak 2 sentences.  (Loudly and obnoxiously)  So here is this woman, totally gossiping about this family in town right in public.  I 100% guarantee she would never say it to their face because she would rather die. (little exaggeration...)  I felt like I was back roaming the halls of Wando again.  It made me really think about things that I do.  I do not want to be like that.  For real.  No judgement here, but I want to be really intentional about how I do things.  I want to be encouraging.  Even when it is extremely hard to be.  I want to try really really hard to not gossip.  Gossip is a tough one and it is way way way too easy to do.  So there you have it.  If you remember nothing- Just remember, Loos Lips Sink Ships.  Word up.

Over De Moon(ey)

Haha.  I got to spend some time with the Demooney's last week.  Um, if you can't tell, they are adorable.  Little princesses...