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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So excited

I am so excited.  I have a new god son!!!!!  He has been one of my favorites forever.  He and his little brother are getting baptized on Sunday and I couldn't be more excited/honored/emotional etc.  I'm excited to get to be a special part of his life.  I can't wait to start little traditions with him and just get to hang out with him.  Did I mention that he is adorable?  Or cute?  He is 4 and can already run the boat.  My kind of kid:)  Just look how cute he is

Needless to say- I am pumped.  I love kids.  I love toys.  I love having an excuse to go buy toys!!  Plus he is a fun kid, so I get to buy fun toys.  Like BB guns and go carts:)  (Sorry Eliza).  One of my favorite things about this situation is that I love Tommy's family and everyone connected to it. So it's fun to know we will all be connected for a long time.  Now if you haven't met Tommy's baby brother then you are missing out...  He is adorable.  He is happy.  And he is a biggun.  See below..

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