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Friday, February 11, 2011

Mysterious man crush...

Alright.  I am not one to do this.  In fact, I rarely even admit if I have a crush on someone.  Like it takes me 3.7 yrs after the crush to finally admit it. Totally normal people.  But here goes.  I promise that I am not a stalker.  I am sitting in Metto (Heaven).  I would like to add that it is quite peaceful in here early in the morning.  I am staying with the DuPre boys and came here right after carpool.  Let me also add that I have fully enjoyed staying with them.  They have trained me to go to bed early.  And I get to play Xbox.  Plus its like I got 2 little brothers.  Stellar.  So I am sitting here at one of my normal tables.  Every time I come in here in the morning the same guy is always at the table by the door.  Seriously I bet he is here 93% of the time.  Not going to lie friends, he is cute. If I had to slap an age onhim, I would go with 32.  A little on the older side, but its cool.  I have a complete stranger crush on him.  We always make eye contact and say hi.  I'm pretty sure we are dating....JUST KIDDING.  I have no idea what he does, but it seems important or cool since he gets to hang in Metto. Maybe he is independantly wealthy.  Even better:) Or a slacker and does nothing.  He looks too serious for that though.  Ha.  One day.  Maybe in a few years, I will say more than hi.  But maybe not.  Oh snap! We just made eye contact again.  Now I am laughing out loud and he probably thinks I am mental. (which isn't completely false...)  So thats the story on my stranger crush.

Things are going pretty good this week. It has been jam packed full of stuff, but good nonetheless.  E and I finished the video for the Women's Retreat which is like a 500lb weight off my shoulders.  I don't do well with things hanging over me just in case you were wondering.  Beth did some amazing editing.  So if you are reading this, and you are a woman, and you are cool-come on the St. Andrews Womens Retreat.

Did you know that I love soundtracks?  Well I do.  Right now I am really liking "Stronger" from Country Strong.  The girl from Gossip Girl sings it.  Not going to lie-I kinda love it.

Ok, I am headed to the office.  Workin for the man.  Don't forget-VOTE FOR HERB!!

Peace out


  1. Next time when he gets up, just give him a quick "good game." I scored my husband at CFA; maybe you can score your's at Metto.

  2. sooo..... what if you arent cool... can those women still go on the retreat? :D bahaha jk

    SARAH! i was literally in class reading the mysterious man crush and laughed outloud twice... i was getting so involved in the plot that i forgot i was in class.......TWICE... WOW thats embarrassing! hahaha

    your best bro Allen

  3. Like pat him on the butt kinda good game?

  4. I know who you are talking about - not sure he is your type if you know what i mean :)