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Thursday, February 24, 2011


So I have this friend (Yes, it's true, I have friends).  She shall remain nameless for her own privacy and what not.  She just got smacked in the head by the love bug.  Cupid shot her with a serious rocket launcher. And I am not even joking. This is legit.  And it came out of left field.  Just when I finally get some cool friends who aren't married, or engaged, or engaged to be engaged, I got blindsided.  Cupid stole away another one..But it's cool because she got herself a good one.  Not going to lie, he is nice.  And cute.  And wears man boots.  Enough said...So there you have it.

Since we are on the topic of love and other things.  I think it is time for Betty Bridesmaid to come out of hiding for a little bit of fun.  How do you feel about that?  Good.  I think its time for Betty to go on a quest for love.  Not in some wierd way, but Betty will be making a few more appearances in the near future my friends.  It's time to liven things up a bit.  Alright, I guess I will leave you with that.  The quest for love will have to start next week because I'm about to spend my weekend in Hilton Head with about 300 women on the St. Andrews Womens Retreat...Hope you have a good weekend:)

Run and tell that,



  1. I have the BEST betty idea. you are going to love/hate it.


  2. Im not into these vague posts. I'm going to stop reading if you don't reveal specifics.'s a threat.