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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm watching you...

So I am innoccently sitting in confirmation class.  Yes I am in confirmation class.  Yes I am 25 yrs old.  They are giving me a 2nd chance since I lied during testimony night the first go round.  Just kidding (I really did lie...but that's not important) I am being a leader. With Mercury-who rocks by the way.  I am just sitting there, soaking it all in.  Changing lives and what not...And then I get a text. Here is how it went down.

"Pay Attention"

ME: Are you here?

"You heard me"

ME: Where are you?

"I am everywhere. This is God."

I mean who else gets texts like this.  Well if you have a friend named Liz Bailey then you most likely have experienced this.



  1. she is the QUEEN of secret texting!!!!!!!!


  2. I love you Allen

    ~ God