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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

People of the Gym: The shower

I am different. I know this. I get anxiety about the dumbest things. I don't get anxiety about normal anxiety causing things. Just saying, I am aware. Going to the gym is a sticky wicket for me. Sometimes its a major struggle and sometimes its not. Like if I make it to the parking garage, I have to totally talk myself into actually going inside- but once I'm in- its game on. Same with the locker room.  I hate going into the locker room every morning because I fear turning the corner and facing a pair of 78 yr old butt cheeks looking me right in the eye or the naked lady that just stands in the middle of the lockers and likes to make eye contact. No mam. I also used to have a fear of running on the track when it was crowded.. I think I'm past that one now. I'm still scared of the locker room and rightfully so. So insert today's lovely experience. I am not one of the people who strip on down and head to the shower, shower and then strut around in my towel. No. I am the chicken who takes all of her stuff to the shower and gets the shower and the changing done in my 10sqft of shower stall. That is me. So today I had one of my most awkward moments.  I was exhausted slash half asleep in the shower. Not paying much attention and slightly hostile because some lady was hogging my favorite shower. So I had to move to another (I only like the ones on the end..)  I always forget this one has kind of a larger gap by the shower head between stalls. I usually don't care, but today was not so good. I was showering and after a while I opened my eyes. My head happened to be pointed toward the other stall. Well, somehow the other lady in the other stall was looking at the exact same time. Let me just say that we made the most awkward eye contact I have ever made (and I have had some bad ones). I mean, there she was. There I was in full middle school freeze up.  I do not want to make eye contact with anyone through a shower stall hole. Well, being the nerd that I am, I totally panicked and ducked. Ducked. Like a dipwad. Seriously?  Like she wouldn't notice that I just ducked...  Then I felt super awkward. So I took an extra long time getting dressed. I also realized I was holding my breath (Like she wouldn't know I was 2 ft away behind the stall wall.. Good lord. I totally waited for her to get fully dressed and exit the locker room before I left my hiding spot in the shower. Just when I think its safe, I round the corner.  Only to be met with butt cheeks. You're welcome.

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