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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I think I've been dumped

Okay, okay, this is a dramatic title.  Sometimes, a little drama is called for.  To make important points. Especially if one of your future husbands is killed in the last minute of the Downton Abbey finale.  Seriously.  I am not okay with this.  As most of you know, Tim Riggins is my all time TV crush.  Texas forever.  Before Tim Riggins, I was never into the whole bad boy, long haired, ex con, football star.  But, he was redeemed.  He has a good heart...  Not to be too psycho here, but if Tim Riggins waltzed into my little office nook and told me he would marry me (or even just date me or really anything) if I moved to Dillon, Texas- I would have been running out of the door.  Clear Eyes, Full hearts. We are talking full on crush here.  I mean, its bad.  Just saying.
Hannah- you may be the only other person who is relating with me at this point.  So finally, I find another show (that is not FNL in the least) that is very watchable.  One that you feel totally involved in except its not real.  Do you get like this?  Don't answer if you don't. Well, Parenthood and Downton have been trying hard to fill my FNL void and it was working.  Until Sunday night.  I barely could survive Lady Cybil dying.  Now my first goody two shoes golden boy crush has been axed.  I just couldn't take it.  Especially since he turned Mary nice after winning her heart and saving the entire Downton estate.  I mean, he fits my motto of "Make good choices."  He's the golden boy.  Then, hours after welcoming a new heir of his own to Downton he crashes and dies.  What makes matters way worse?  It was his fault.  He and Lady Cybil chose to leave the show.  Rude.  They wanted to pursue bigger and better things.  Ain't nobody got time for that.  Seriously?  Why would you jump off of the money/popularity train of Downton Abbey before it reaches the station?  I love Matthew Crawley, but he will not likely be the next Brad Pitt.  He will be starring in Jane Austin movies.  He's just too sweet.  The show has put him on the map.  I just hate when actors leave something before its finished.  Plus, now his baby momma is left in the lurch.  I feel like I too have been dumped.  So much for liking the good guys...

Now we have to wait for season 4....

I found this cool article by the writer of Downton about the actors leaving etc.


  1. I agree and echo "Rude!" just like Bon Que Que, yes ma'am! My bad boy was David Lee Roth. Ahem, no I'm not that old, I was, uh....ok, yes I am. Poor ol' Lady she's killed off TWO fellas. I hope she doesn't turn snarky again. Too bad I already sent ETV my check. Morgan told me that's what I get for supporting Communist Television. At least you got another stellar blog post out of the tragedy. Love ya!

  2. hahah awesome! I think mary is going to become some type of hero in the show..

  3. We don't know he is really dead. He just looked badly injured and I think he will be back. Maybe disabled, so Mary gets even nicer looking after him. I've been holding out for this. Anyway, didn't know he wanted off the show. So did Sybil? This changes everything. Gonna have to rethink the whole thing. Love, Cozy

  4. OMG the Matthew actor is such an asshole!!!!! Who does he think he is leaving Downton. JERK! I would love to see what lady Mary would do to him if she lived in 2013... yikes. YIKES.