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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sketchy liquor girl

Sketchy. I always feel so sketchy when I leave the ABC store. Only when I leave. When I am actually inside I love it. Like a kid in a candy shop. Well not exactly. This is what happens...I only go to the ABC every once in a while so don't be getting the wrong idea. Sometimes a girl just has to make margaritas etc. Anyways I always get a little nervous for some reason when I pull up. I think it is because I never know exactly where to go once inside. Then I get severely overwhelmed once inside. They always have really cool displays that distract me. Then I find myself meandering about. I always think the guy thinks I am underage because I never know where I am going. So lately I just start on one end and wander until I find what I am looking for...So then I go check out. I love the guy in Brabahms ABC bc he is so friendly. Always asks about my weekend and what not. He always convinces me to buy the cute lil mini bottles up front. Now I know his tricks so I don't fall so easily. Sometimes he cards me, sometimes not. Here is where I begin to feel bad. He rings me up and puts it in the brown bag. Why the brown bag?? Then I have to walk outside in public. Don't you always feel like people stare at you when you have a brown bag. I mean I always stare and then assume the person has a major drinking problem and what not... Are they thinking I am an alcoholic just in to get my fix? Am I having a party? Why is that nice looking girl in the ABC store? My mind just starts to wonder...Then I just try to book it to my car...I get so self conscious when I walk with that darn brown bag. It may even stress me out. Does anyone else feel this way?? Alright. I just thought I would share that. Hope you have a wonderful night!


  1. I saw your title and thought for sure this post was about me. I'm a little relieved.

  2. I still feel that way about tampons. And, well I have been buying them for quite some time.