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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Hero

Patty Griffin is my hero. Buy her new cd. If you are poor (like me) just buy her version of "All Creatures of our God and King."

On to other news of the day. Our roommate-Wimberly is basically the president of the new Chick Fil A on the Savannah highway auto mile....well not exactly president, but that's not important at all. So since Wim practically adores us she invited us to the premier night. It surpassed any visions one could have of a premier night for a chicken fast food restaurant...I mean there was a red carpet awaiting out arrival. As we came through the door the sweet lil cow was awaiting his turn to take a picture. Paparazzi were everywhere.....Then we were seated at our table and our sweet servers brought us a drink of our choice along with a salad. Then when it was our turn we got to go order anything our hearts desired from the menu. After we finished stuffing our faces the dessert cart came around overflowing with bountiful goodies....I opted for the ice dream in a cone. And a dream it was. So good! Then they even gave us coupons. I now have a new life goal-Marry someone who owns a Chick Fil A....

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