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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dream Big

Alright- today I went with Dad to the MAC-PAC luncheon. For those who don't know it is the Mortgage Brokers Assoc. Political Action Committee. It was as exciting as it sounds, however I did some good self thinking while sitting there staring at my plate. I told my self, "Self what are your dreams/goals?" So I have compiled a list of goals/dreams for this upcoming year, the next 5 years and in my life. So here goes-

This year-
-Save $1000 (thanks Dave Ramsey...)
-Become a SC Guardian Ad Lietum
-Learn to fly fish
-Get back to surfing this summer
-Drive across the country. Jackson Hole is my dream destination at this time. Once I have some fly fishing basics down I am taking myself on a trip!! I can't wait to see the Tetons!!!!
-Learn how to play my harmonica
-Become 100% independent (financially etc..)
-Be more confident

Next 5 Years-
-Maybe possibly own my own house. I've got my eye on a couple cute lil brick ones in the groves.
-Get a 1998 Hewes flats boat.
-Get a Honda Rancher 4 Wheeler. If you don't know I have wanted a 4 wheeler since 5th grade. Every Christmas Santa forgets to bring it with him. I know this is materialistic and sad, but getting a 4 wheeler will quite possibly be one of my greatest accomplishments....
-I want to run for MTP town council. Don't be an ass vote for Sass! haha
-Finish my book

Lifetime (as of now)
-Be involved in a non profit
-Play my guitar in a bar..haha(and people actually enjoy it..)
-Take women on a fly fishing trip
-Write an article for the paper
-Get married and hopefully have some ninos
-Run a marathon
-Hike part of the App. Trail
-Be a guidance counselor

I have a lot of other ideas, but these are my favorite thus far. Seriously it's something good to think about. I think it's important to have dreams and goals/aspirations whether they are serious or for fun!


(Jackson Hole)


  1. Let me begin by saying that I really LOVE you A LOT! Secondly, I love your goal/dream session you had with yourself. G and I actually just did that a few weeks ago too. Thirdly, Garrett has also taken it upon himself to take up the harmonica. He found some GREAT lessons on You should check it out. I decided I wanted to learn how to draw and found You Tube to be beneficial for that as well. Fourthly, count me in on the women's fly fishing trip. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

  2. Also, i am pretty sure I can help you with you goal of marrying someone who works for CFA...I'm on it Sass!

  3. hahaha. I love you Allison Reed. A freekin ton. Can I maybe come visit you?

  4. Sass, what a brilliant thing to do at a work lunch! And good for you... I asbolutely love your goals and putting them out there for yourself is the first step. I've thought about the marathon thing, too... and might want you to teach me flyfishing as a gift to Matt, too. I'll be your first client on a trip to Jackson Hole!!

  5. for the 100th time ... just drive a couple states futher and visit san fran. dream bigger than wyoming. ;)

  6. that was extremely inspirational... i am compiling some of those lists for myself right now...

    i will totally put a "don't be an ass vote for sass" bumper sticker on my car...seriously.

    please teach me how to fly fish! for the love! stephen does not have the gift of teaching (ie patience)

  7. ryan-
    when i learn you can be my first client