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Thursday, January 28, 2010

"I don't wanna wait..."

Today I was driving around the ghetto..aka President St. and an old song came on. It was the Dawson's Creek theme song. I am now confessing that I once was obsessed with the show. By once I mean I possibly still could be obsessed. I have seen and possibly own every episode. MC and I used to watch it everyday on TBS during the summers in high school and college. No lie, I may have compared my life with that of some characters on the show...I mean who didn't want to be like Joey (with her many love triangles and her extensive vocabulary...) and who didn't like Pacey. I for one didn't want sweet Jack to be gay-I mean I had a lil crush on him. I know this is totally a wacko post, but the song brought back some memories. They just don't make dramatic teen soaps like they used to...Thought I would pass it along.


  1. My fav episode by far was when Joey and Pacey finally got together and sailed off into the sunset in that one season finale...