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Monday, May 5, 2014

People of the Bridge: please don't touch me

So I have been jogging and walking lately.  Less jogging, more walking, but jogging nonetheless.  Any ways. I decided to move this train to the bridge the other day.  I was coming up the worst part. (Keep in mind, I am extremely freakish about exercising. In public. I've just gotten used to the gym, so this was a vulnerable step).  So I'm coming up the steepest part. Dropping word bombs under my breathe because it would collapse my lungs if I actually said them out loud.  So I'm running/very slowly jogging up the hill. It's all I can do to not throw myself off the bridge. I hit my goal and slow to a walk.  Right then, Queen Latifah (or her doppleganger) is right in front of me, in her spandex and zebra top.  She gets right in front of me and starts giving me an Olympic pep talk.  "You got this girl. You got this. Don't you give up. Pace yo self" And then she gives me a high five (and I swear she wanted to good game my butt.) Let me just say- I am not a fan of that. At all. One, we are strangers. Two, I knew I had it. Even though I looked like death and destruction, I was all good.  I mean, she did not look like she was Marion Jones or anything.  Let's talk about the high five. To most that is nothing.  But, clearly she thought I was dying and on the verge of quitting (which was not the case).  The high five brought about some exercise humility... So I just got flustered. And self conscious.  I made it to the second tower and turned around. And there she was. I began to panic inside. Shit. Now she wants to chat. No mam. I cant be doing this.  So I just started jogging. Right past her. She did make me high five her again. As soon as I got around the tower where she couldn't see I down shifted to a nice walk....

On the way down it was super windy.  Eliza drove by and beeped.  I lifted my arms to wave back.  Well, up went my shirt. Got tangled in my hat. And I managed to flash the Ravenel Bridge and its lucky inhabitants.  There just so happened to be three men and a baby (For real( coming right up in front of me. Awesome.  Winning.

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  1. One of the only things that makes jogging bearable is the occasional interaction with other people IMO. Giving other joggers high 5's can keep you motivated. Those of us concerned about our health and fitness are all on the same team, IMO, I'll take a motivational compliment any day. Perhaps her giving you the motivation and the high 5 wasn't about her trying to motivate you, perhaps it's her way of feeling connected to others in fitness, and trying to motivate herself. Just a thought.