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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

My Boys

This post is a long time coming. Most of you know that I have been lucky enough to do Young Life since 2003. It's been a long time. YL has taken me many, many places, but one of my favorite and most unexpected places has been Porter Gaud. I know, I even surprise myself sometimes. Last place I ever imagined this Wando Warrior was chasing a pack of boys at PG. Well, every now and again a blind squirrel finds a nut. In my case, I was lucky enough to find several nuts. It makes me cry just thinking about my nuts. Ok, bad wording there.
(Here are some of the nuts) Somehow, in 2012 I met a pack of some of my most favorite people. Porter Gaud freshmen boys. Yes. You read that right. I made friends with my best friend, which led me to becoming friends with her son. And then his friends. I've been around high schoolers enough to decipher who is the real deal or not. These boys are the real deal. I never thought I'd be 31, single, and have a pack of recently graduated boys. THANK GOD I DO. They have brought me some of my most favorite memories. We have had many crappy meals at Andos, hundreds of car rides, hilarious and crazy conversations in the Jones living room and very competitive Xbox games which could have led to severed friendships... haha. Heck, some of them even let me take them on a trip and accompany them on a cruise... I also got lucky enough to meet them for breakfast the first day of school all of high school. Here are some pics
It's hard to explain, but I feel like they are my brothers. I am sensitive, therefore, I have been dreading graduation since freshmen year (ask Anne.. ). Most of the moms thought I was crazy, but alas, they will be sad too come August. Since 9th grade, I knew that they would leave us. Granted- they should. Things would be much worse if they graduated and had no where to go.. But, I have been dreading graduation for a few reasons. The obvious one is that they are leaving me. Geographically speaking. That means no more Andos or Chick Fil A. No more crashing the Jones house to find 10 cars horribly parked outside and hearing them scream at each other over College football or Rocket League. Sadly, the times are changing. Don't get me wrong, I am glad they are all getting to go where they want to. I'm just sad I won't be with them:( Also, it means they are getting older. I don't like change so this one is hard for me. I loved the days when they were dorks and couldn't drive. They needed our help and in exchange we got to hear all of their ridiculous conversations. Now, they mostly drive cooler cars than me and come home when I'm well into my REM sleep cycle. I'm sad I won't be with them on move in day, or to rag them as they walk to class. To sum it up, I am sad. But, I am Proud. Proud of the boys/mini men they are becoming. Proud of the friends they are to each other and the friends they are to me. Boys- I'll miss you. You better not forget me and still answer my calls. No college is too far for a first day of school breakfast:) or a beat down when you need it. I am also thankful to have gotten to spend so much time with these guys. Love you long time.

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